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It all started with an idea, why is this course not here already ? 🏋️‍♀️ 🧬

Founders history

Anders & Andreas

Anders, with his craftsmanship in weightlifting, from competing in the Olympics to a lifetime of teaching it to others, combined with passion from Andreas, sparked some ideas. Why are humans not lifting more?

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Human Health

With the most vexing global epidemic ever and our belief that a big part of that problem is sedentary behavior—humans not moving—future humans need external loading to keep their bodies healthy. That's why we think Certified Functional Weightlifting is very important

Our Goals


Inspire stronger humans; Most homo-sapiens need to get stronger. To get stronger they need to know how to lift.

Inspiring full-time coaches; To inspire the world, we need professionals to touch as many as possible making a solid living💰

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